Cyber Career Training – IAM/PAM Lab Exercise (May 29, 2019)

About the Event Cyber Tech & Risk - Cyber Career Centre is partnering with Centrify to host a must-see IAM/PAM Lab Experience in Toronto on May 29, 2019. We invite you to TEST DRIVE and get first-hand knowledge to protect your enterprise from hackers using Privilege Access Management (PAM). Whether you’re looking to implement a password vaulting solution or have a vault and [...]

Cyber Career Training – Mock Cybersecurity Job Interview

Mock cybersecurity job interview at the Cyber Career Centre. Three hiring managers (Arani, Harry from KPMG, Walter from Difenda) interviewed a cybersecurity job candidate. It demonstrated the general interview flow and common interview questions (technical, experience, behavior, etc.). The hiring managers also provided some valuable feedback and tips to the candidate.

Cyber Career Training – Resume and Interview Tips for Cybersecurity Talent

"Resume and Interview Tips for Cybersecurity Talent" presented by Walter Cooke (Manager, Cyber Advisory, Difenda) at the Cyber Career Centre.
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